We met the owner, a well known rally ace from New Zealand now residing in Southern California, back in late 2008 at the Derelict Donuts weekly car meetup in Huntington Beach,CA.  We had a display of custom 1932 Ford hoods with sides and an aluminum radiator shell which caught the owner’s eye.  He knew he would be in the market shortly for a lengthened hood for his 1929 Ford Sedan to accommodate a customization to full Lexus running gear.  After completing the first task of making a custom lengthened hood for the 1929 Ford Sedan, he asked if it was possible to continue the three quarter height style line up and over the roof line.  This turned out great and led him to request grafting in Lexus trunk lights, a complete custom all steel interior, and so on.

Take in the photos of the highlights of this custom Ford build, including a full handcrafted metal sculptured interior and an exterior electric rear window.   The detailed operations and build process will be written up in future blog posts; showing the first steps to completion of this truly ‘one of a kind’ 1929 Ford Sedan.


 Photos of a custom 1929 Ford sedan

Custom 1929 Ford Sedan1929 Ford custom sedan

Custom Metal scuptured interior door panels


Custom 1929 Ford Sedan

Custom roof style line - handmade finished


Custom 1929 Ford Sedan

Lexus trunk lid and rear lights - custom grafted into rear of 1929 Ford

Custom 1929 Ford Sedan

Lexus drivetrain and custom suspension - fit to a 1929 Ford


Custom 1929 Ford Sedan

Custom tranmission tunnel and floor

Custom 1929 Ford Sedan

Custom rear suspension and gas tank build



Custom 1929 Ford Sedan

Close up of tunnel and firewall build - all custom metalwork

Custom 1929 Ford Sedan

Custom rear interior belt-line trim

Custom 1929 Ford Sedan

Belt-line trim and inner rear door trim

Custom 1929 Ford Sedan

Custom back window - electric (with aluminum as glass template)

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6 Responses

  1. Perry

    Beautiful, clean, uncluttered work!

    Outstanding, not just this car either. I’m talking about this one and the others I’ve looked at here.

    I hope you continue to show your work. It’s inspirational to some one like me who is just not at your level. Just awesome.

      • Angelo

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  2. ronnie

    Great looking work.. I just came across your website while checking out another website. I will look forward to coming back..

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